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We booked ourselves a tour of these new facilities. We have always struggled to find somewhere satisfactory, where we can leave our fur babies (dogs) when we go on holiday. Previous places have always kept our dogs safe and fed, but their mental wellbeing has suffered, with the dogs being scared and withdrawn. Having seen the lovely new facilities, where all dog needs have been thought of, we decided to do a trial run and booked the dogs in for a daytime boarding session. We couldn’t have been more delighted. Even our nervous dog was put at ease by the kindness and friendliness of the staff upon arrival. Our dogs were exercised and played with and they even ate the food – which they don’t usually do on the first day of a kennel stay. All the staff that we met were genuinely interested in getting to know our dogs and were very professional. We will definitely be using this hotel again.

Sonia B

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