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For information, we have several FAQ sections below covering everything you need to know.


We provide a balanced and nutritious diet from the Arden Grange range, specifically using the grain-free sensitive ocean white fish and potato dry food.

If you do not wish us to feed your dog from our chosen dog food, we ask that you provide all food needed for your dog’s stay portioned into daily amounts.

  • We try to accommodate your own routine where possible but we do serve breakfast between 6.30am -7.30 am
  • Tea is served between 4pm – 6 pm
  • Lunch for those that require 3 meals is served between 12pm – 1pm.

Ideally we would provide this meal using an enrichment feeder (provided by the owner)  as one of their 2 activities of the day, unless there is a medical reason not to.

We do not feed dogs within (30 – 60 minutes) before or after exercise.

We also ask that any enrichment feeders that your dog is used to & robust toys are brought with your dog.

Yes, the same as the overnight boarders.

 We provide a full range of Arden Grange products that you can purchase online when making your booking or during check-in.

No, the price remains the same even if you bring your own dog food.

We do not provide any treats or toys and encourage you to bring your own or buy them if you would like them to be provided to your dogs.  Bringing your own provides your dogs with familiar items and scents, helping to reduce any potential anxiety or nervousness.  We cannot guarantee any items return in its original condition due to the dynamic play setting.

We ask you to leave feeding bowls at home.

Enrichment feeders are very much encouraged for owners to bring along if their dog is used to using one.


The hotel has 8 purpose-built enclosed runs for exercising. These runs, measuring 25m x 7m (82ft x 23ft), allow dogs to run freely off-lead and play.

Dogs under our care can expect a minimum of two exercise opportunities each day, lasting 20 minutes each.

We offer optional individual walks locally as an add-on. It’s important for us to ensure that your dog has the best experience, and we understand the importance of providing them with diverse smells on different routes.

For young dogs / elderly or those with medical conditions we would adjust exercise needs according to owner instruction to support good health and well-being.

Unless there is extreme cold weather and indoor minimum temperatures cannot be maintained, dogs are given access to their individual outside runs from 6.30am to 6pm.

They are given a final bedtime toilet opportunity and snack (if appropriate 🙂) between 8 – 9pm.

During the first 3 days of their stay, staff closely observe and record how the dog is feeling and what behaviours are being demonstrated. Based on this information, the dog’s completed registration questionnaire and providing we have owner consent to mix with other dogs – staff will look to match the dog with a friend(s) to socialise and exercise appropriately whilst under supervision.

Wag & Whiskers Pet Hotel & Spa cannot be held liable for any injuries or resulting perceived behavioural changes that may occur during a social interaction with other dogs.
We also have a 50m(164ft) x 50m(164ft) fenced area where, with the owner’s consent, dogs can interact with each other whilst under direct supervision.

We can board dogs together where the boarders are from the same family, are used to living with each other and we have your consent to do so. Otherwise, each boarder will have their own suite and exercise run.

Each dog is provided with 2 opportunities of enrichment every day.

This can be in the form of playing with toys, a puzzle feeder, chews (where appropriate) Doing some scent work by hiding food in their suite. Some 1:1 time with a staff member.

Toys are not permanently left in with the dog for safety reasons – this is part of the licence requirement.

We ask that you bring any enrichment feeders that your dog uses & robust toys.


Our registered consulting Practice is Bridge Vets, 133 Worston Road, Highbridge.

They also provide our out of hours emergency care.

Certainly, we have undergone thorough training in canine first aid, and you can find our certification on display at the reception.

It is important that our guests are looked after to the best of our ability therefore we all have our Dog First Aid Certificate and training.

We would contact you and/or your emergency contact as a matter of urgency and seek veterinary advice immediately. This would either be through your own vet as advised, or our associated vet for ease and speed & in an emergency.

We recommend that your dog has pet insurance to help you with any costs that this may incur.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated against the following diseases…

Canine Parvovirus / Canine Hepatitis / Canine Distemper / Leptospirosis / Parainfluenza / Bordetella Bronchiseptica (kennel cough) a minimum of 2 weeks before their check in date.

If we have not received a copy of the dog’s fully completed and signed veterinary vaccination certificate before, or on check in. we will not be in the position to accept your dog.

Owners can take a photo and email it to us, or use our GINGR Pet Parent App to upload it directly to their account profile.

Dogs are continuously observed throughout their stay. Anything noticed will be noted and the owner informed.

Pregnant dogs will not be accepted

Dogs in season are not recommended as they are very disruptive to other boarders – however, if a bitch comes into season or arrives in season, she is boarded at the owner’s risk.

Please notify us in advance if your dog will be in season. Where possible we would place a bitch in season away from entire male dogs, but this may not always be possible.

Yes, but it also depends on the type of medication required. We strictly adhere to regulations regarding medication and are happy to administer medications as long as we receive exact instructions.

Please note that if medication needs to be administered outside of regular working hours, an additional fee will apply.

As an additional service, staff are able to provide a 15 minute routine coat care groom. The staff are not qualified groomers, so this is just a basic brush to keep a dog’s coat in reasonable condition during its stay.

A pre- check bath can also be booked (SEE PRICE LIST)


At Wags and Whiskers Pet Hotel and Spa, we take the welfare of any animal as a priority and therefore we do not board dogs under 6 months of age.

We offer an additional CCTV service which owners are able to access to observe their own family friend. – this comes at a £3 per day additional cost and is subject to availability.

There is a CCTV camera installed in each kennel. These are monitored routinely during the day and intermittently over the evening via a mobile app.

There are electric gates at our entrance and all visits are by appointment only.

There is not an air conditioning unit.

Each kennel has an independent infrared thermostat controlled heat panel that can be set to whatever temperature suits the occupant at the time – ie. cooler for heavy coated breeds & warmer for elderly or thin coated dogs.

There is a ceiling fan and extractor fan to keep airflow movement in warmer weather.           

We ask owners all about their dog(s) behaviour, likes and dislikes. However, the kennel environment is very different from home life and animals can behave unexpectedly at any time. Staff are taught about body language and to respect what they see or hear. If a dog offers serious recurring aggressive behaviour, we may need to ask the owner to come and collect their pet for its own welfare and safety of staff and other dogs.

While we do provide bedding, blankets and towels, we encourage you to bring your dog(s) own bed, favourite blankets and toys to provide them with familiar items and scents, helping to reduce any potential anxiety or nervousness.

During check-in, we will document all personal belongings. For your dog’s comfort, we recommend bringing their normal food, as changes in sleeping and eating habits can be overwhelming. Feeding them their regular food can help them settle more quickly, ensuring a more enjoyable stay. However, please note that we also offer food – the Arden Grange grain-free sensitive ocean white fish and potato dry food is provided as part of their stay.

We have 1 member of staff per 15 dogs (lower standards is 1 per 25 dogs)

Each suite is spot cleaned throughout the day. A full disinfection is carried out in between each occupant.

If your dog is with us for more than a week, their suite receives a full clean once a week.

We have 2 sizes

Monty & Charlie, the presidential suites are: 3.8m (12ft 6”) x 3m (9ft 11”) & outdoor run 3m (9ft 8”) x 4m (13ft 1”)

The executive and Deluxe suites are: 3m (9ft 11”) x 1.86 m (6ft 1”) & outdoor run 3m (9ft 11”) x 1.86 m (6ft 1”)

We recommend that a dog who has not been in kennels before has their first experience for a 2-3 night stay where at all possible.

We monitor them quietly using the CCTV system.

Should a dog display repeated serious aggressive behaviours we will ask the owner or their proxy to collect the dog for its ongoing welfare and safety of the staff.

We can also offer you an additional CCTV access service to offer you peace of mind.


Yes, we possess a comprehensive license from Sedgemoor District Council, guaranteeing adherence to all health and safety regulations.

The license is visibly displayed on the reception wall, open for viewing during visits. Moreover, we maintain full insurance coverage for added reassurance.

As the temporary keeper of your dog, on check IN we ask you to place one of our engraved ID tags onto its collar. This is then removed on Check OUT

Yes, we are fully insured to the highest level by a specialist Boarding kennel policy pet care insurance agency.

Cash, Bank Transfer or Credit / Debit Card. Unfortunately, Cheques and American Express are not accepted.


All bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of a 50% deposit, which is deductible from the final cost of stay/day care. The balance for any booking is to be paid in full 7 days before arrival.

All deposits and fees are non-refundable unless a written notice of 30 days has been provided prior to the scheduled arrival.

If, for any reason, Wags & Whiskers Pet Hotel & Spa must cancel your booking, we will provide you with at least 14 days’ notice (except in extreme circumstances), and your deposit will be returned to you.

We kindly request that dogs are collected by 6 pm. If a dog is not picked up by this time, they will be boarded in the hotel for the night and a fee may apply.

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