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Day Boarders

Doggy Day Time Boarding
Leave your dog with us for the day with the comfort of knowing they will be
in a safe environment and allocated an elegant suite for the day.

We will give them lots of exercise and attention throughout the day.

Chauffeur Service

We also offer a chauffeur service, ensuring that we can pick up our guests and deliver them safely back home.

Exercise !

The dog(s) exercise twice a day.

Additionally, If you believe your dog(s) would enjoy the company of other day boarders,
with your consent, dogs can interact with each other for their
playtime off-leash adventures in our secure 50m (164ft)  x 50m (164ft) fenced agility field.

You can also book an off-site walk as an optional extra.

Unlike dog walkers, we exclusively own all of the land where we take your dog(s),
ensuring they are always kept in a secure and safe environment.

Please Note: Dogs must be picked up by 18:00 hours each day.

Our day boarding prices are below.

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