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Use Gingr App to make a booking

Instructions below

Call Us to make a booking

Wags and Whiskers Pet Hotel & Spa offers two ways to book a service.
You can use our online portal through Gingr or call us, the choice is yours.

How To Use Gingr App To Make a Booking

Use the link/button below to access the Gingr portal for Wags & Whiskers

The code to use for Wags is: 891456

Alternatively, you can download the Gingr for pets app for Android and Apple phones
providing 891456 for Wags and Whiskers Pet Hotel and Spa code.

The app icon looks like the image below:

The app icon looks like this

What does this new Wags Gingr Customer Portal do?

This new system will allow you to

  • Have access to your pets profile (photos, report cards, notes, medications…)
  • Book Daycare and Boarding Stays
  • Receive an email/text reminder when you are down to you last day
  • Get email/text reminders for Boarding Stays and Grooming Appointments
  • Pre-check Boarding
  • Upload Vaccination Records and get reminders when they are about to expire
  • View cost estimates as well as receive itemized receipts
  • Availability to pre-pay any costs on your mobile device
  • Safely have a credit card on file for easy check out!
  • and more!

How to Access your Profile

There are a few ways you can access your profile.

1- By clicking the login button or book now on this page.

2- Go directly to Wags & Whiskers Pet Hotel login

3- Download the Free App from Apple or Android/google to use on your mobile device
called Gingr for Pet Parents our code is 891456

If you require further assistance a useful video is available below
Alternatively give us a call and we can help.

If the video above is for any reason not working, you can also access the video,
which is Vimeo, using the link/button below (login required)

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