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Presidential Suites


We have named our Presidential Suites – “Monty” & “Charlie”

The Presidential Suites are twice the size of Deluxe Suites at 3.8m (12ft 6”) x 3m (9ft 11”) and offer superior comfort and space for larger dogs or multiple, family group, of smaller dogs.

The suites have a TV and additional decorative fittings to enhance the occupant’s familiarity with sights and sounds of home. The option of a luxurious bed is always available at a size suitable for the individual occupant(s).

This coupled with their undercover outdoor area offers 3m (9ft 11”) x 4m (13ft 12”) of free access space with a garden and field view during the day, to provide each dog with a choice of fresh air and visual stimulation or to chill out indoors watching their favourite TV programmes.

View the images below of the Presidential Suites

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