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The Cattery is Coming Soon

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Wags & Whiskers Pet Hotel & Spa has a custom built cattery designed to provide all the home comforts your cat is accustomed to.

We have a range of suites available and some of which are big enough to share if you have more than one cat. The maximum number is 4 cats per suite.

Licenced and insured, we offer a wide choice of spacious accommodation and high level of care provided by our trained staff. We can facilitate any special diets and medication if necessary.

If your cat is infirm or disabled and not able to climb a ladder / ramp, then we have accommodation to suit, providing a more gentle sloping series of steps up to their bed.

Each suite has sneeze barriers installed, as the wellbeing and hygiene of your furry friend is of paramount importance to us and our guests during their stay. All suites are double glazed and insulated.  The Cattery itself, is completely separate from the kennels to ensure they are not disturbed or feel anxious. All the suites benefit from their own ventilation system to refresh the inside air and has an individual fan for warmer days.

CCTV is also available via our app for a small fee so you can see your best friend at anytime, wherever you are in the world.

We want your cat to feel relaxed and calm, and enjoy their holiday with us. With that in mind, we have installed cat aerobic activity scratching posts, a mixture of toys for entertainment and sunbathing shelves. However, we do encourage owners to bring in familiar bedding or toys to help your cat feel secure because they smell familiar. Likewise, the scratch post from home will help them settle in.

Vaccinations are essential to ensure the wellbeing of all our guests, so we ask to see your cat’s vaccination certificate as proof that all of it’s inoculations are up to date. We also recommend that your cat has an annual booster against cat flu and enteritis at least two weeks before coming to stay with us.

Unfortunately male cats over the age of 8 months that have not been neutered cannot be boarded.

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