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New Dog Registration Form

New Dog Registration

Owners Details

Dog's Details

(If 6-12 months old please complete the additional Young Dog Form)

Health & Medical Information

(Please provide a current vaccination certificate prior to or at check in) Please note: No pet will be accepted without this.

IF YES, please complete and submit the separate medical form.

Personality & Temperament

What are your dog’s favourite things? Please choose all that apply…

How does he/she generally respond to the following?
Please evaluate with a number 1 - 5 into each box. 1 being aggressive & 5 being no problem or concerns at all.

Behaviour & Training

Do they show any of the following traits? (Please tick all that apply)

Owner Declaration

By submitting this questionnaire you confirm the following:-

  • The information you have provided in this form is accurate to the best of your knowledge and any significant changes will be amended during each Booking as required.
  • You consent to Wags & Whiskers Pet Hotel & Spa holding the information you have provided in line with their Data Protection Policy.

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