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Medical condition & medication information

Medical condition & medication information

As part of our Registration and/or  Booking process, your pet has been identified as having a medical condition(s) which may or may not require medication to be administered.

At Wags and Whiskers Pet Hotel and Spa the staff are trained and competent in supporting a range of medical conditions. However, our ability to look after your pet’s medical needs during their stay needs to be established.

All medication will be stored according to its data sheet and other than requiring refrigeration will be housed in each individual’s own labelled cupboard. Refrigerated items will be contained in a separate labelled box in the animal food fridge.


Please complete this form to provide details of any condition(s) diagnosed that we need to be aware of and any medication that your pet requires.  

A copy of your pet’s veterinary records related to any conditions declared will  be required.

Owner's Details

Pet's Details

Medical Condition 1

Medical Condition 2

Owner Declaration

  • I confirm that the information on this form is accurate and that I will provide a copy of my pet’s veterinary records only relating to the above declared conditions before the day of admission. 

  • All medication provided will be more than enough to cover the length of my pet’s stay in boarding and will be correctly packaged in the original veterinary dispensing container with a clear instruction label.

  • I accept that Wags and Whiskers Pet Hotel and Spa cannot be held liable for any deterioration in my pet’s medical condition during its stay and that I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions relating to Veterinary Care.

For Internal Completion

This section is to be completed as part of the Introduction of a new dog Policy and PHP and may need to be updated during future bookings.

Completed form evaluated by:

Confirmed as suitable for boarding by:

Owner contacted by:

Once completed this form is scanned and uploaded to the GINGR system

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