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Day Boarding – Dog Booking Form

Day Boarding - Dog Booking Form

Owners Details

Dog's Details  (up to 4 dogs can be booked using this form)

Health & Medical Information

Personality & Temperament

Dates of Boarding Required


Which Suite(s) would you like to book? Prices are based on one dog per day

CCTV Access

A number of our suites have been fitted with CCTV cameras and for an additional charge you are able to have access to check in on your pet, day or night, whilst you are away (subject to availability)

Owner Declaration

By submitting this questionnaire you confirm the following-

  • The information you have provided in this form is accurate to the best of your knowledge and any significant changes will be communicated to Wags & Whiskers Pet Hotel & Spa prior to your DROP OFF DATE.
  • You have read, understood and agreed to our Terms and conditions.
  • You consent to Wags & Whiskers Pet Hotel & Spa holding the information you have provided in line with their Data Protection Policy.
  • Any damage caused by my pet to the suite, its furnishings, or any other parts of the hotel are my sole responsibility. I understand that I will be charged an additional fee based on the specific damage. 
  • If your pet is not collected within 14 days of its departure date and no communication from you or your agent has been received and our efforts to contact you have failed, Wags & Whiskers Pet Hotel & Spa reserve the right to treat such pets as having been abandoned. In such cases, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions to ensure the welfare of your pet and their safe removal from our premises. You will be liable for any additional expenses incurred.

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